Janae + Steve’s Maternity Adventure in the Redwoods

It all began as happenstance.  We met Janae + Steve in our birthing class. All of us anxious to learn and prepare for the births of our baby girls. As class went on, we began to realize that we had a lot in common with these two, and that this was not the first time our lives had crossed paths. These vegan, art loving new friends of ours used to co-run Hibbleton in Fullerton, which is part of the Magoski Arts Colony where we show work on a monthly basis and have our painting studio and darkroom. Janae also used to model at LCAD, back in the day where Paul and I met in art school.

We spent some time thinking about where to do their session, and decided to take their photos at their new home where they spend a lot of time, and in a local redwood grove in Orange County. The redwoods were not just chosen for their beauty, but for their meaning. This September, Janae and Steve will be welcoming their beautiful baby girl ‘Sequoia’ into the world.

The three of us can’t wait to meet her.

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