Frequently Asked Questions
The 411 on getting us there ... click on the question to expand.
01.   Where are you located? Will you travel?
We are based in a sunny southern california. Centrally located in northern Orange County. Though we know our turf well, we love to travel and experience new places. We've documented stories in New York, Michigan, Hawaii, and Texas, and Mexico to name a few. Inquire about a specific quote to get us to your ideal destination.
02.   Digital or Film?
We all have specific palates, so we can do either. We shoot the majority of our weddings and events in digital (RAW), then process them to give a film look. It minimizes the risk of shipping film to the lab and lets us snap a little quicker. But we love film and the rich soul it brings to images, so we can bring some along.
03.   How many hours should you be there on our wedding day?
As long as you need us! We dont dare book two events on the same day so when you book us, we're there as early or late as you like. No two weddings are alike but most of the time we feel that around 10-12 hours allows us to capture the anticipation of the morning ... to the dance floor fist pumping of the late evening.
04.   Do we get the files?
Yes. Thats kinda the whole reason we are there, to put images into your hands and homes. The full set of color corrected, high resolution JPEG files come along with your wedding album (which is usually about 2-6 months from the wedding. depending on how quickly you can pick out your favorites from the bunch). We deliver them on a personalized USB drive so its super easy to archive and share them.
05.   Do you have back up equipment?
ABSOLUTELY! When you book the two of us, you kind of have a back up photographer because we always keep each other in check throughout the day. But the cameras are critical so we have two each and a grip of lenses.
06.   Will it be both of you at my event?
Yes. We can work out a custom package if your event or session needs only one of us or a 3rd shooter, but its 99.9% of the time Leanne and Paul!
07.   How long can I expect to wait for my photos? How many images should we expect to get?
We're a fast paced society and we pride ourselves on keeping up with it. So you'll get your proofs 4-6 weeks from the wedding day, even during the summer. Engagements and Portraits often take less than 4 weeks.

The amount varies based on the length of the day, but we error on the side of giving you more photographic goodness. In other words about 600-1000 images.
08.   How do we book you?
Easy! Give us a call / email or drop by and we'll take a 30% retaining fee and fill out a small photo contract together.