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Reveiller Encore:

To awaken, again.

These photographs are a series of double exposures, all shot manually in camera without the use of photoshop. As the shutter blinks twice like an opening eye, the viewer is left with two overlapping images that feel introspective and dreamlike. This is a photographic story of a girl caught between reality and dreams. ~Leanne Sargeant


Reveiller_01 Reveiller_02 Reveiller_03 Reveiller_04 Reveiller_05 Reveiller_06 Reveiller_07 Reveiller_08 Reveiller_09 Reveiller_10 Reveiller_11 Reveiller_12

Special thanks to my great friend Debby Le for being my muse. <3

Holiday Card: Behind the Scenes

Every year we try to come up with a cool idea for our holiday cards. Our goal is to try to outdo the previous year with an even more crazy/absurd/ creative concept. We threw around ideas of finding a unique location, doing a photo painting or maybe just popping into sears for a good old fashion portrait!

After a few weeks of brainstorming we came up with this concept. We thought it would be fun to create a layered image of us x 6 to create a snowflake-like pattern. We are such unique and individual snowflakes.. Haha, or just crazy.

Anyhow, we set up our D700 on a C-stand with an arm extension about 15 feet high. Using our 16-35mm we were able to get a wide enough angle to capture the whole setting. We tried using a softbox with the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra, but the light it produced for the shot was too uneven. We then decided to use the Elinchrom Ringflash RQ which mounts directly onto the camera, it produced the perfect light  we needed for this shot, bright in the center and radiating out towards the edges. From here, we taped off the area that we needed to place our bodies, and then photographed a series of shots in each outfit. We took turns photographing one another and sometimes putting the timer mode on and running into place. We shot with the camera tethered to the laptop, so we could review the shots as we captured them.

Once the shoot was over, we uploaded them into lightroom/ photoshop and composited all of the images into one single frame.

It was a bit of work.. but honestly for us, it felt like play. Well, hope you enjoyed our silliness and that each and everyone of you has a happy new year!

xoxo ~Leanne + Paul


Welcome Home Little Rylie

Just 7 days after Rylie was born, Eric and Tricia had us over to photograph her for the first time. I always feel so privileged to be invited in to photograph these fleeting moments. There is something so intimate and special about these sessions, the baby so quiet and new, and the parents so over filled with joy, excitement and bewilderment. It really is beautiful.

Fun fact: While at the session we asked if they had any details or objects that we should document.. Paul then followed it up with “you know, do you have anything cute like a burlap flag with her name written on it?” .. Haha. I think Paul is psychic because it turned out they did! Such a random request, but I’m glad he asked.