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Brynn + Mike

We met Brynn and Mike two years ago at this very same WPPI photo convention. Its a massive gathering of 10,000 photographers from all over the world … and we always tell ourselves that we’ll make a bunch of new friends every year. But its not always that easy. Luckily the Davello’s are super friendly and broke through our bubble of awkwardness to help sustain a real friendship.

These two juggle personal projects, a full time photography partnership, 4 kids and a dog (aptly named ‘Nikon’) and are truly super human. Check out their work
We had a free 20 minutes before dropping them off at the airport after the convention … so we hit the rooftop of a nearby casino for some quick portraits.

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Exploring California

Feeling like I needed to get out and explore… in need of a creative adventure, I called my friend Kim and we headed out onto an open road with nothing but a few changes of clothes, 4 cameras, some acrylics, watercolors and a couple of pads of paper. We traveled north past Santa Barbara, then migrated east towards the open desert, camped in Red Rock Canyon and continued straight on the 395 up to Mammoth. Here is our journey in pictures:



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Redrocks, Las Vegas. March 2013

After the annual WPPI photographers convention ended … we took off to red rock canyon to snap a few frames just for fun. Apparently setting the timer on the camera to capture a running, jumping, high-five is harder than it looks.

redrocks_01 redrocks_02 redrocks_03 redrocks_04 redrocks_05 redrocks_06 redrocks_07 redrocks_08


Contax 645, 45mm-90mm, kodak portra 160.