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Icaza Family

These are some real special people to us.

One of favorite and longest running clients, Dana and Sean (big kid Chris and the littles Chloe and Cruz) found us before their wedding when we were just starting out. The decided to start their family long before we even contemplated the same for ourselves … but they were both so natural and intuitive and loving with their kids at our family photo session … we took mental notes on how we needed to do things when it was our ‘time.’ Beyond their adorableness, Chloe and Cruz are outgoing, fun, confident kids that are a total joy to just follow around for the afternoon and photograph. Watching their family grow up (both for real and in our photos) is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Follow along with one their afternoon adventures below.


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Janae + Steve’s Maternity Adventure in the Redwoods

It all began as happenstance.  We met Janae + Steve in our birthing class. All of us anxious to learn and prepare for the births of our baby girls. As class went on, we began to realize that we had a lot in common with these two, and that this was not the first time our lives had crossed paths. These vegan, art loving new friends of ours used to co-run Hibbleton in Fullerton, which is part of the Magoski Arts Colony where we show work on a monthly basis and have our painting studio and darkroom. Janae also used to model at LCAD, back in the day where Paul and I met in art school.

We spent some time thinking about where to do their session, and decided to take their photos at their new home where they spend a lot of time, and in a local redwood grove in Orange County. The redwoods were not just chosen for their beauty, but for their meaning. This September, Janae and Steve will be welcoming their beautiful baby girl ‘Sequoia’ into the world.

The three of us can’t wait to meet her.

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Nicole + Billy are Having a Baby!

When we met Nicole + Billy last year we hit it off immediately!  These two are not only fun, they have a love for one another that will bring the cats home! All 4 of them! We have photographed their engagement, their wedding, and now we have the honor of documenting them becoming a family. We are more than excited to have seen their love blossom over this past year, and can’t wait to meet little Emlee when she arrives! Congratulations you guys!! <3

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