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Sascha + Greg : San Francisco Engagement

When Sascha + Greg hired us to travel up to big sur this spring to document their wedding, I thought how much better can this get. Then they impulsively added the engagement session into the mix (perhaps with my gentle prodding to do so) … and fly me up to join them in surprisingly sunny san francisco. I love this city so much, so it was an amazing day following these two around from their house, to the roof of their old apartment, finally to a favorite hike of theirs near lands end. Gotta get that bridge in at least a few photos.

This is a small preview of our day together.

sascha_greg_sc_01 sascha_greg_sc_02 sascha_greg_sc_03 sascha_greg_sc_04 sascha_greg_sc_05 sascha_greg_sc_06 sascha_greg_sc_07 sascha_greg_sc_08 sascha_greg_sc_09 sascha_greg_sc_10 sascha_greg_sc_11 sascha_greg_sc_12 sascha_greg_sc_13 sascha_greg_sc_14 sascha_greg_sc_15 sascha_greg_sc_16 sascha_greg_sc_17 sascha_greg_sc_18 sascha_greg_sc_19 sascha_greg_sc_20 sascha_greg_sc_21 sascha_greg_sc_22 sascha_greg_sc_23 sascha_greg_sc_24 sascha_greg_sc_25 sascha_greg_sc_26

Jeff + Jenee

Loved capturing these cool kids as they wandered around the Anahiem Packing District for cocktails and laughs. Jeff is co-owner of The Iron Press so it made perfect sense to document their connection in a place where they spend a lot of time! These two are not only in love, they love to have fun together. Here’s to the happy couple who will be tying the knot in just a few weeks!


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Zabie + Garrett : Los Angeles Engagement

We’re always pretty thrilled that our job will take us some place new. Especially when an engagement session takes us to our couples house. Willing to bet we havent shot there yet. Zabie and Garrett just moved in together for the first time to this charming light-filled historic LA apartment. So their home was a particularly special place because a) it was now ‘theirs’ to build together, and b) only being there a few weeks, it was mostly unfurnished with a zen like simplicity (its could practically be a photo studio) … and c) the pups got to cameo in some photos. Then we ended the session over looking all of culver city at twilight (they practice yoga together, hence the skillful acrobatics after the sun set).

zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_001 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_002 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_003 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_004 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_005 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_006 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_007 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_008 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_009 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_010 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_011 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_012 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_013 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_014 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_015 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_016 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_017 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_019zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_018zabie_garrett_060zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_020  zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_022zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_023 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_024 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_025 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_026 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_027 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_028 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_029 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_030 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_031 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_032 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_033 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_034 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_035 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_036 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_037 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_038 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_039 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_040 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_041 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_042 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_043 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_044 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_046 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_047 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_048 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_049 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_050 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_051 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_052 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_053 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_054 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_055 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_056 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_057 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_058 zabie_garrett_©sargeantcreative_059