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Eleanor Antin: at LACMA

May 14, 2009–October 4, 2009 | Art of the Americas Building

“Classical Frieze is a film and selection of photographs from Eleanor Antin’s recent work (2000–2009) recreating the ancient world through the screen of 19th-century neo-classical painting. The installation of her work coincides with the current special exhibitionPompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples.”

I was recently afforded the opportunity to see Eleanor Antin speak during an Artist Lecture at Cal State Long Beach. She has amazing and diverse career, everything from performance, video, and more recently, photography. I can’t wait to see the show (her prints are huge!).

More details HERE.

Scott McFarland at Regen Projects
Quite possibly one of my greatest inspirations right now. Scott McFarland is back with another show show at Regen Projects in LA. I was absolutely floored by the last show, his prints are huge and tirelessly full of digitized detail. Check him out online and meet me there if you can! Opening weeking is May 23rd till July 3rd … I may not make it to the opening (should be climbing in J-tree) but I’ll surely go later in the week.
Review snippet from 2007’s exhibition: 

“This aura of distension runs throughout McFarland’s second solo exhibition at Regen Projects. Yet it is an affect produced not by the camera’s chance snapshot but by deliberate digital depiction. McFarland doesn’t hide the fact that his images are digital fabrications, and his aesthetic enhances the premeditated manner of his compositions. McFarland’s subjects – public parks, botanical gardens, zoos – further emphasize the young photographer’s interest in creating a sense of unease with the artificiality of digital imagery. His photographs depict the world as arbitrarily structured around empirical categorization.”

Midnight Movies at the Art Theater in Long Beach

Midnight movies are back! Though I never truly experienced them in their heyday (there is only so much John Waters and Rocky Horror one can take … plus I was like three years old) the tradition has been resurrected at the Art Theater off 4th street (retro row). Tonight is EL TOPO, an underground allegorical cult hit that combines a europeans view of a spaghetti western with surrealist eastern philosophy (I know … everything you could ask for right?!). I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I saw Jodorowskys other film HOLY MOUNTAIN, which is understood to heavily inspire Matthew Barney. 

Info for the Art Theater here. It only shows at midnight so you can pop into the espresso bar next door if you think you’ll fade half way through.