Art Installation: Emmêlée

For this month’s Artwalk, I have a wall all to myself! Very exciting, but also a little overwhelming! Since I’m not quite ready to show my current paintings, I thought it would be fun to try doing an installation for the first time! After sketching out a few different ideas, I decided on this concept!

This is a mannequin that Valerie and I found many years ago in Santa Ana near our old studio. It has always been special to me, so turning her into art just felt right. Special thanks to: Valerie, Roxanna, Candace, and Brian for helping me make this idea into a reality.

art_01 art_02art_03 art_04art_05 art_07 art_08 art_09art_10

Criss crossing

tangled line

dancing through

captive mind

Intersected object

of affection

there must be

balanced imperfection


what must flee

Behind this

parting plea

once captured

now set free:

She is Emmêlée.




Emmêlée :  “to be tangled” in French (feminine)

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