“This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” - Alan Watts
Photographers. Painters. Dreamers. Inseparable.

It may seem unlikely that two people can spend just about every waking minute together (well even the sleepy ones are spent together too). But we dont know any other way. We met each other our first year at art school in Laguna beach in 2001. It only took one date to become completely enamored with each other … and have spent only a few days apart ever since. Today, we share a photography practice in the timeless old town center of Orange, California, where we get to continually inspire and motivate each other to capture the fleeting moments, sensational spirits, well lived lives and stories of so many great people around us.


photos on this page © lyndsey yeomans


Alas the most difficult thing is for a visual artist is to use words to describe himself. This is where I throw a stack of photos at you and run away before you even know what happened! Well the shutter bug bit me hard when I received my first slr camera in middle school. I took horrible photos for about 6 years until I learned how to use the thing. But I did take them eagerly and often! Even though I always fancied myself an illustrator or painter, I have a love affair with the camera and the 'reality' behind the images it can create. John Szarkowski (curator and writer) famously divided photography into two categories, "windows" and "mirrors." Although I view my work as a "window" onto the world, I always enjoy when a little slippage occurs between them and a bit of my mirror can be seen through the window.

When I'm not snapping pictures you can usually find me in my garden, fermenting something beer-like in my garage, or biking down to our local coffee roaster for an overpriced, tiny, but delectable cup of espresso.

CAMERA | Contax T3. a box shaped heart for sure.

TRAVEL | Chiang Mai Thailand. Its like the portland of asia.

MUSIC | the Wooden Shjips.

DINOSAUR | Allosaurus. duh.


A lover not a fighter, a creator and a dreamer. I live to make things.

My love for art began from the time I could hold a pencil. I kindled that love by going to art school. Who would have known that this would lead me to meet the real love of my life, Paul. With a degree in Fine Art and a new best friend and partner by my side, taking on the world never seemed easier.

My camera is always with me. I'm inspired by love and nature in everything I do. I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to be a part of so many peoples lives. To experience their world behind closed doors and document and preserve these moments as they pass.

I love patterns and symmetry. Sometimes I paint with my hands. When I am sad I like to sing loudly
(I also do this when I'm happy). I truly believe that with love everything is possible.

CAMERA | Polaroid 600SE (the goose!)

WHAT TO WEAR | A smile

COLOR | Yellow

TRAVEL | Somewhere new